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January 9, 2012
By Nick Popio

Screening for heart isn’t just for employees anymore.

When you hire a new employee, we know how important it is that you screen for heart. It’s vital that everyone within your organization share your values and your mission. And your most important business partners, including your insurer, should, too.

The Redwoods Group is the only mission-aligned insurer for camps. Social responsibility is in our DNA, and it drives everything we do – just like you.

Redwoods is not a traditional insurer. We changed the traditional insurance model so that our everyday work can help change lives. At the heart of our model is our mission—to serve others.

Insurance is the means to our mission—just like programs are to yours. And just like your organization, we put our mission first.

Our Virtuous Cycle helps show how we Serve Others.

When you choose Redwoods, you are getting a mission-aligned partner. You are investing your dollars in advancing our shared mission.

For more information and to join the conversation, please visit us at:

Redwoods Conversations – Our blog serves as a platform for discussion on topics of Safety and Society, and importantly where the two topics intersect.

RedwoodsGroup.com – Our website serves as a hub of resources for our customers as well as providing information to prospective customers.

Mission First: Employee Safety – Mission First is a new initiative from The Redwoods Group where we strive to help organizations improve employee safety by focusing on the mission of their organization.

Or give us a call at 800-463-8546.


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