YMCA Before & After School Online Training

November 22, 2011
By Stephen Dauchert

YMCA before and after school programs are unique because they typically happen off-site. Inside the comfort of your facility’s four walls, you usually have complete control over the program. But when you move to a church, school or other location, unexpected challenges arise. For example, your location may change from day to day and children may not be able to differentiate between your rules and the school’s rules.

The challenges to fulfilling your Y’s mission off-site are discussed in our new online training: YMCA Before & After School Training. You’ll hear guidance from our risk managers, real-life claims stories and best practices for keeping your kids and mission safe off-site.

The full training course is available to our YMCA customers online through The Redwoods Institute. You can preview the course today and request access for a free trial of the full content if you are not a Redwoods customer.


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One Response to YMCA Before & After School Online Training

  1. Jenny Dugan on January 24, 2013 at 11:21 am

    i was interesed in finding out more information about your program for my YMCA staff. I am the childcare director and was wanting some training information. Thanks so much!

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